Blogging by Writing Articles

Blogging is an art of self-expression. Through the means of their blogs, people have a tendency to share their personal feelings and thoughts with like-minded individuals. Some blogs have millions of visitors while others have much less.

Blogging is now the trend: no comment to that! Not only is it popular with individuals of all ages but it also makes one feel like blending in. You get an idea of what individuals appreciate in your writing, you get to comment and actually live some events of public interest, and you have the chance to voice your opinion.

You have to market your blog. You not only have to update your blog on a routine basis, you have to market your blog as well. Updating helps market your blog by keeping it high on the search engines and blog rolls. Updating also lets your reader know that you are keeping up to date on the topic you are blogging about.

This is very important for many people throughout the world. When your blog viewers actually see you and hear your voice they can gain a much stronger connection with you than they ever could from your simple writing.

So anyone can start one and we know they are easy to set up. As I have said some do it for money, so how do they make money from blogging. If you want to set your own one up with the idea that you would like to make some money from it.  Facebook can help drive good traffic.

Google Trends is an excellent resource for finding the latest hot trends in the market and they will even give you information regarding the way that the trend is going.

Blogging experts suggest that you make use of pay per click advertising campaigns and make substantial money through your blogs. You simply need to seek help from Yahoo or Google and then add a small code to the blog’s template. You have the ability to make a few cents to a few dollars per click. Hence, I recommend that you need to take this option very seriously.

These blogging secrets will help you build up an audience for your blog and will also help you increase the revenue that your blog generates due to these new and permanent visitors to your website.  Don’t forget about doing YouTube SEO!

These article directories are what I consider the top 5, and most popular ones and will rank high on the search engines. If you write articles about the products that you are promoting on your blog, and you provide useful information and include your link to your blog in the resource box at the end of your articles, you will get targeted traffic to your blog.

So there you have it. The simple and effective methods of driving targeted traffic to your blog to market affiliate products, does not cost anything to set up and can earn you potentially unlimited income. Of Course your income will depend on how much targeted traffic you can drive to your blog and what products you are promoting.

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